I'm Laura. I ride trains, grow my food, and make my own wine.

kinda wish Fox Mulder was my baby daddy

i pretty much drink coffee until i have diarrhea  

Good morning

Good morning

it really pisses me off that my ex told his family he doesnt “remember” the night he punched me in the face multiple times and threatened to bash my head in with a tire iron and cut up my body and throw it in a river, BUT he does remember me smashing his cell phone.

lying all of the time must be really exhuasting.

weed. x-files. prizza.

last night i went to a show and saw lots of old friends and met some new ones and it was weird but nice but theres nothing like screaming your lungs out at a punk show.

for the first time in weeks i slept more than five hours

i tripped over my dog last night and now my knee is busted

today i get to see my long lost homie Zack. i am very excite!

this has been a thing